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Several years ago, I and my friend were going to a diwaniya (a big hall in every Kuwaiti house for family and friends’ gathering). On the way, he remembered that he used to pass on this day by the diwaniya of Sheikh Hamad Jaber al-Ali, whereas at that time he was not yet a minister. My friend told me, "Do you come with me?" We won't be late," I told him, “But I don’t know the Sheikh," and he replied, "You don't know him, but he does, like the rest of Kuwaiti people?" He continued, "This sheikh is known for his morals, humility, and high culture," and how not! He is the son of Sheikh Jaber Al-Ali, the pioneer of the cultural renaissance in Kuwait during his tenure at the Ministry of Media. We actually entered his diwaniya, and exactly as my friend said, this is a man who knows the people of Kuwait and values the importance of his relationship with them, and this is a characteristic of him and not a fabrication. This was my impression of him at the time, and it hasn't changed. The recent events were represented by the unconstitutional and personal interrogation, as many interpreted it, and since I love this country, I will allow myself to express my view on what happened, with all due respect and appreciation to all. It has become crystal clear that this interrogation has nothing to do with the subject matter of women’s work in the army, as she has become an essential part of the Ministry of Interior. Women in the Ministry of Interior wear military clothes and are trained to carry weapons, and the veil is a personal decision for her. Furthermore, women now enter the judiciary, which is one of the functions of the state. Before that, I well remember, and all the Kuwaitis know, how the vote allowing women to have the right to stand for election and vote went through. Everyone remembers the wailing over the danger of her entry into this fray because, as some have claimed, it is in violation of Sharia, customs, and traditions. Well, what happened at this time? The majority of national assembly members from all political parties rely heavily on female votes. So, the group that sees inviolability and violation of customs and traditions was supposed to refuse to accept women voting for seats in the national assembly. What is important is that what happened to some members and groups was incorrect. The opposition of "chairs," as they are arbitrarily referred to, is clear. They want to overthrow the government in any way possible. As for the others, it is strange for the group of five. I think that group is lost, and I do not know exactly what they want or where they are going. But the blame goes for the one who compromised on his vote, regardless of whether the minister is good or not. So, to say the least, linking the motion of trust on the minister's commitment to the legal fatwa related to women's enlistment in the army or linking the vote to raise the capital of the credit bank or any other matter is blackmail and coercion. Is it allowed to place a motion of trust in a minister who, in fact, is a white-collar man of a clean heart and threaten him, in addition, to say that he is not good if you don’t give us what we want? Is the opposite true? In the sense that if it happened in the future and a motion of trust was raised on a minister who does not deserve trust or his position, and the government gave you something you wanted, would you vote for him and infect the country with a corrupt minister? I address this question to every member whose voice "sways" like a pendulum. I go back to our good sheikh and say to him, "Congratulations on the trust." But keep in mind that they would come back to you; now they know how. They point their arrows at you whenever they want something, especially after it became clear to them how far the Kuwaiti people are yours and you have become one of this country's future men. What is important about everything that has happened is that you have gained the trust of the people before the trust of the national assembly. If the people of Kuwait refer to our late Emir Sheikh Jaber as "the Prince of Hearts," they will refer to you as "the Sheikh of Hearts" because of your ethics, honesty, and high professionalism.

Stay safe.

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