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Environment Public Authority and Public Authority For Roads & Transportation : “We don’t want you”

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In my previous article, I discussed my grandson's fishing trip and the grandson's question, "Why is the Kuwait Sea filled with pollutants?" On our way back home, at sunset, he pointed to the north and said, "Look, there is a fire and smoke heading towards Kuwait City," which made me laugh, and I did not know what to say, because that is not a fire, but smoke and pollution from power plants. This little boy, who represents the children of Kuwait and the future generation, finished his speech upon returning home, and gravel flew from our streets like rifle bullets. This is in addition to the potholes that fill the streets as a result of the short rain. He asked me, "Why is the government not taking any action towards this?" I replied, "I don't know," but it's busy with the national assembly, and they both got lost. I told him to leave the government and focus on your studies, and I prayed to Allah to bless this generation for the advancement of this country, if they have a homeland to advance at that time. Personally, I'm not sure what the Environment Public Authority's role is. Why do you even work? Do we really need it? As well as the Ministry of Public Works, whose minister informed us of the decision to form a higher committee for reforming roads and infrastructure with the membership of Kuwait University, the Ministry of Defense, Legal Advice and Legislation, and Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, which apply with the proverb, "much ado about nothing." After ten years and successive ministers, and hundreds of millions spent, we are still demanding, as reported in the newspapers, an amount of 350 million dinars, and they brought us a higher committee.  Do you want Kuwait University to re-teach your employees? Or do you need the Legal Advice and Legislation to defend you against the cases that will be filed by the affected citizens? Why did you include the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation? They provide you with the mixture, for which you provide them with its specifications. In any case, we may understand the addition of the three bodies, but why did you include the Ministry of Defense? Their tanks or planes do not use your streets. The ones you need with you are the Ministry of Interior, which is responsible for regulating traffic when carrying out maintenance work, not the Ministry of Defense. In any case, why do we need a committee? And you have a ministry with thousands of Kuwaiti employees and engineers; add to them the Roads Authority affiliated with the Ministry of Public Works, which is not represented by that committee although it is the one with jurisdiction. I think the answer is clear: there is no trust in all of these bodies, and it seems that Her Excellency, the Minister, wants to protect herself from any upcoming accountability through that committee after they spend the new millions on maintenance. Over the next season, the asphalt will melt like ice cream, and with it will go millions of cars, windshields, and tires. There, the responsibility is divided and lost among the members of the committee. Honestly, I can't blame her; as the saying goes, "the matter is worse." A piece of advice to our wise government: there are some state institutions whose performance will not change for the better, as they are a source of employment for Kuwaiti labor only, but in reality they have no actual role, and they cannot be produced whether you spend their leave balances on them or if you increase their salaries or give them exceptional salaries. On top of this list are the Environment Public Authority and its affiliate, the Roads Authority. We can add some ministries to them, and the evidence for this is our miserable environmental reality and our dilapidated streets. The only solution is to leave that huge army of unproductive employees and let them rest, receive only salaries, and contract directly with international companies to manage environmental projects and implement road projects, along with housing projects, as this will be more adjustable and cheaper. I do not want anyone to be upset, for this is the reality of our employees, as many of them are unproductive, and there is a weakness in the capabilities of some leaders in the state and poor performance by some ministers. Add to this the eternal and bitter conflict between the government and the parliament, which I see as having no solution. As previously stated, the solution is that the government must contract with foreign companies, and neither merchants nor employees may interfere with their work. There is no other solution.

Stay Safe.

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