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Homeland Culture

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The memory of liberation brings us many painful memories of what had happened and a great joy at the disappearance of the gloom and illusion of the occupation. These mixed feelings are known only to those who get through them. The loss of a homeland overnight and his return within months is a blessing from Allah that deserves thanks and praise. But are some of us really praisers in deed? Does what is happening in terms of chaos and damage to property, whether for citizens or the state, accidents and wasting large amounts of water, and above all that, wasting the spirit of patriotism and instilling a culture of chaos among children, come under the heading of praise and thanks to Allah? One of the tweets was very illustrative, which was: "I am a Kuwaiti citizen. I demand that the Negative Phenomena Committee pass a law criminalizing throwing water balloons on national holidays, as it is a negative and ugly phenomenon that has many negative effects on the environment and on the public property of the state, as well as losses and damages. I also demand that the state move quickly to pass a law that criminalizes these acts and regulates manifestations of celebration". I think that this tweet’s writer summed up everything briefly, so I find that some of the parliamentarians are silent, and those of them who speak shyly, as if the numbers of accidents, run-overs, and horrific eye injuries, which reached 150 in just two days, did not stir their appetite for passing legislation. It seems that the harm of magic and sorcerers to society, in their view, is much more dangerous than that chaos, so passing legislation is required. As for our wise government, it let the matter go, saying, "Have fun." In other words, it gave society two days a year on which it could deviate from the law. Here I wonder: do you have the right to grant this right? Let me explain more: I am a citizen, and it is the duty of the state to preserve my safety and the safety of my children and my property, according to the law. No one has the right to attack me at any time and in any way, and this is my right, as chaos and harm have spread from Gulf Street to our internal areas. Here I mean that it is not wise to allow the law to be broken under the pretext of entertainment or otherwise, and I will not place all the blame on parents or children, as the Kuwaiti proverb says, "I do it because I can ", so the solution and control rest with the government. In general, Kuwaitis are a friendly people who do not deviate from obedience to their rulers, and all that is required of our rational government is to develop a culture of entertainment, not only during national holidays but also on all other occasions during the year. The celebrations must include sports activities and international matches that delight and attract the audience, and they must involve the private sector and civil society organizations in meaningful and entertaining events that crowd Gulf Street so that there is no place for riots and chaos in them. Likewise, the theater must be stimulated to present what is meaningful and elegant during the celebrations. The biggest role is played by the Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center, a center that I think has begun to lose its luster. I do not know what is going on with it, but I noticed that most of the restaurants surrounding the fountain have closed their doors since the center turned into a Ministry of Media and laid off its employees; the situation has become suspicious. As a matter of justice and fairness, thanks must be given to the effort made by some state agencies, especially the activities of the armed forces, as my grandson Othman attended them, and he was very happy with them, as he entered the tanks and carried a weapon, and they gave him a certificate of thanks. Frankly, it was a beautiful and purposeful patriotic interactive show. As well as the aeronautical displays and certainly the fireworks that delighted Kuwait and its visitors, we do not forget to thank the municipality and the cleaners who removed tons of chaos waste, as well as the Ministry of Interior personnel and everyone who contributed from the state agencies. Allah willing, the next holiday will be more beautiful for Kuwait and its people.


Our condolences to the honorable Al-Baghli family on the death of the former deputy and minister, Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli, a friend and colleague on the writer’s page in Al-Qabas newspaper, and we ask Allah for mercy and forgiveness for him and to grant his family and relatives patience and solace.

Stay Safe.

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